Royal Canin Bulldog Adult 3 Kg




Royal Canin Bulldog Adult 3 kg

Royal Canin Bulldog Adult has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of English Bulldogs aged 12 months and over. The kibble is specifically shaped to suit the jaws and teeth of the breed

The English bulldog is a quiet, even-tempered family dog with a heart of gold. Royal Canin Bulldog has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. The bulldog has a short face and muzzle (brachycephalic jaw) and a narrow respiratory tract. The exertion needed to breath can place stress on the digestive system and the shape of its head can affect the intake of food. The skin folds can create an environment favourable to skin disease and it may suffer from sensitive joints which need special care.
Royal Canin Bulldog dry dog food has been developed with these specific bulldog characteristics in mind. It is suitable for dogs over 12 months:

Skin protection and a beautiful coat: Essential vitamins and amino acids enhance the barrier function of the skin and help to maintain the natural beauty of the English bulldog’s coat.
Healthy joints: The synergistic combination of chondroitin and glucosamine helps maintain healthy joints and can help with weight control. Intake of fish oil, which contains EPA/DHA and helps support joint health
Optimised food intake: The ergonomic kibble form aids food intake and encourages intensive chewing
Supports dental hygiene and aids healthy teeth
Healthy digestive system: Low intake of indigestible protein and a balanced intake of plant fibres reduces unwanted bacterial fermentation and encourages a healthy digestive system.

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